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. what are the negative presumptions that got rebutted? the u.s. economy must be slowing. right? i mean, on account of all that negative stuff people keep talking about. guess what. today made the notion seem fanciful. we got good macro, meaning we saw durable goods data, showing demand for machinery rose the most in two years. how does that happen? it comes on top of the recent increase in container board, the corrugated box stuff that your packages come in, fedex and stuff. one of the most sensitive economic indicators out there and then a $50 increase in sheet steel, it fell from a match by ak steel. and you cannot put through container board and steel price hikes in a weak economy. you would say, no, no. i need more evidence. take a look at transports, incredibly sensitive to commerce. today they rallied the most since july last year. jb hunt, almost up four points, 52-week high. i don't talk about the truckers enough, my bad. i spend too much time on transporters like ups. a name my charitable trust bought more of. and fedex. but the truckers are a fabulous indicator of economy str
because of u.s. stagnation, european recession, and a pause in china's growth. things are beginning to click for the industrial economy, the housing market's coming back and responsible for a tremendous amount of january's advance, whether it be whirlpool, another 52-week high for the spin cycle, or sherwin williams. watching paint dry has never been better. or stock super bowl winner pulte homes. >> buy, buy, buy! >> and let's throw in tripoint, a red hot ipo of a home builder that went to an immediate premium. what else is glittering in this grimy industrial portion of the u.s. geography? how about industrial equipment. industrials gain strength as the month went on. i suspect they will continue to do so as europe stabilizes, america advances, and asia starts to roar. >> buy, buy, buy! >> just like the metaphorical baltimore. california, home of the niners, is coming back strong too. tech, particularly the semiconductors and everything related to the cloud and the internet are roaring here. it's almost as if the incredible slide in apple is fueling dozens of tech stocks to new hig
hook you. from that morning on, u.s. like paying your cable bill. something you have to have. remember that, cut the cord? no one is cutting the time' cord. they made it interactive enough, it's tv like. lots of video content. enkik lopedic. and they could charge a fortune for online real estate ads some of much real estate in the best market in the world is actually sold right through them. wait until they listen to me tonight and then switch to that model. probably will happen. i think the subscription price might be far more inelastic than i thought or they thought. i don't know a soul that wouldn't pay more rather than lose it. this company has been paring down noncore assets for some time in august, they sold about.com and got $300 million for it. they are in good enough shape cash wise there is the possibility of a dividend. that was the hint in the conference call. one more thing, this story is back stopped. now that the times is selling the globe, the company could ultimately bought by a soon to be retired mayor bloomberg. someone that the family would bless as an owner. like w
in europe, the u.s. and japan are creating free market. >> yes. >> so we want to be careful of though if there is another down turn we want to have a balance sheet. we're playing this safe. you're right. if you wanted to take a risk you could lever up and do that. >> but repurchase 6.3 million shares. >> it would be possible but the business we have, the underlying value means we want to play this safe. because we're going to be very successful just doing this business one step at a time. >> okay, is there a class of hotels that you're not in yet that you should be in? super, super premium, low low low? would that help? >> we're pretty much to the sto of the market to the high end of the middle if you will. global brands don't matter as much. it's very hard to manage for a big profit margin. you need a lot of units to get the same kind of fee. so a typical sheraton will do as in fees as seven or eight mid market hotels somewhere else. >> i want to understand this, i follow marriott well. they had underperformed. they did this tremendous time share spinoff. your vacation -- start with
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. >> caller: if one were to assume that the trade balance of the u.s. would show some nice improvement the next few years, what section or two would you guess might benefit more, jim? >> if our trade balance were to get in line, you would only be able to do that because we were importing less energy and exporting some which means you would want to be in the natural gas and integrate oils which needs to be in eog. that's the best. >>> keep up with cramer all day long. follow @jimcramer on twitter and tweet your questions #madtweets. i know what you're thinking... transit fares! as in the 37 billion transit fares we help collect each year. no? oh, right. you're thinking of the 1.6 million daily customer care interactions xerox handles. or the 900 million health insurance claims we process. so, it's no surprise to you that companies depend on today's xerox for services that simplify how work gets done. which is...pretty much what we've always stood for. with xerox, you're ready for real business. today is gonna be anch whaimportant day for us.for. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keep
. >> oh, you're too hard. too hard. >> caller: if one were to assume that the trade balance of the u.s. would show some nice improvement the next few years, what section or two would you guess might benefit more, jim? >> if our trade balance were to get in line, you would only be able to do that because we were importing less energy and exporting some which means you would want to be in the natural gas and integrate oils which needs to be in eog. that's the best. >>> keep up with cramer all day long. follow @jimcramer on twitter and tweet your questions #madtweets. they can do for your health. we know what it takes to look good on the outside but with 70% of our immune system located in our gut, the core of our health is truly on the inside. that's why i take new trubiotics. it's a daily probiotic that helps in two ways. one helps support digestive health, the other immune health. stay true to your health. new trubiotics. from the makers of one-a-day. >>> we all know the stock market is an endless capacity to surprise. and befuddle. even the most grizzled stock veteran like myself. we
and personal care companies in the u.s. and the world. our last nielsen numbers that came out, you know, we're growing at 10% on retail stores. you know, in our quarter last night, our growth was up up 25%, organic growth is up 9.4% in the u.s. we had hurricane sandy in there, stores were closed for a week. our margins improved dramatically. 72 -- >> at a time when everyone else in the food business is telling me that food costs went up. >> food costs went up. we earned 72 cents. our earnings per share were up 55%. so i guess what else can we do to make our shareholders happy? and i think our long shareholders will be happy. the article, hey, when you come back -- >> i had to bring it up. >> sure. >> it hammered the stock. >> is there trouble in tea land? of course there's not trouble in tea land. is there going to be competition coming after us? absolutely. and i've said this before. she's doing a great thing. >> pepsico. >> to bring more healthier foods. i can't change the way the world eats, you know, with hain itself. every food company got to get in there and change the way the world e
130 stores in the u.s. they can double it to 250 locations and i think that's a low ball estimate. we know that lulu lemon is doing well right now because they're hiring a lot of people. this stock has pulled more than 14 points from the high. but if the rich keep shopping there and the market turns, lulu will probably turn with it. courtesy of the f. scott fitzgerald effect. last but not least, we have michael kors. kors is a high-end making of accessories, especially handbags. unlike coach, they're seeing remarkable strength right now. they do make a product that people are willing to pay extra for. now, kors just reported back on february 12th and they blew away the numbers, we're talking about a 23 cent earning beat off a 41 cent basis with a much better than expected revenues that soared 70% year over year. they're not seeing mark downs. their customer base is responding better to their products. michael kors has 297 retail location, they increased the store count by 30% last year. ever since the quarter -- ever since -- every single quarter since kors became public they're able
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told you that tale of woe. that's how badly people want to own this play on a resurgent u.s. economy. all right. i mean, unless you criticize me on this. not everyone's getting the benefit of the doubt. right now the gang at apple is being viewed about as cool as the bell bottom-wearing drones at microsoft. in fact, the stock's actually cheaper than microsoft. and get this, it's being sued by a large shareholder for not creasing enough value, even as it's been about the world's biggest value creator of all time. suddenly the street's turned on whole foods, a former darling, and it likes safeway of all things. proving there truly is no accounting for taste. and i have no idea what's happened for coach to get its mojo back but i've been thinking, maybe it needs to get into bowling bags! but the overall theme is clear. if you screw up and confess culpability while laying out a course of action you're going to be richly rewarded for it in this environment. sought bottom line is don't be so quick to blow out of a non-performer. it just might come roaring back without you. stay with cramer
're only selling little over 10% of the pizzas in the u.s. there's still a lot of share for us to take. at the same time, the international side as you know, we've still got a long, long way for us to run there. we're feeling pretty good about where we are. >> okay. now, you've got the handmade pan pizza which you point-blank say may be the most successful launch. how does it work? did you guys -- remember when you did the campaign which said, listen, our pizza's got to taste better? why didn't you do this one? someone said we ought to have this too? >> you know, pan pizza is 20% of the category in the u.s. and we really haven't played there. and the opportunity for us was to have a handmade pan pizza that was going to be a serious entry there and really where we got the pick-up in the fourth quarter were existing dominos customers who would go somewhere else when they felt like a pan pizza. and, you know, so these are mostly people that we already did business with, they wanted a great pan, we didn't give it to them before, now we do. and that's really what drove the growth in the fou
lcc, u.s. air way. i've been watching them improve operations all year and i think they're firing on all cylinders. the stock has had a nice run up but i think it's still undervalued. with the media calling the merger with american airlines imminent, is it time to ring the register? >> no, no. since the show began eight years ago, i've been bearish on the two airlines but i've had to change my tune because of what you mention, the extraordinary, extraordinary let's save noncompetitive deal about amr that you mentioned. there's way too much concentration in the industry. the government seems to let them get away with it, which means you and i are going to pay more for tickets. cruise lines, royal caribbean showed us they can put up great numbers butch i suggest sticking with best of breed, carnival corp. >> coming up, second opinion? carefusion's technology helps helicopters cut costs. could its stock be your perfect elixir? all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds.
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's incorrect. >> caller: no, obama likes solar for u.s. economic reconstruction, and energy holdings recently made the largest national investment in solar at $2 billion. are sety and sbwr good to buy? >> sbwr i'm not that crazy about. solar city i have to do work on. you know, it was my birthday recently. my kids said happy birthday, you got to get a solar panel. it's like solar city, like circuit -- i don't want to do that, but how about party city? that's not there, either. but i will tell you that i think the solar city is on to something. if you can get money to put a solar panel on and cut my electric bill, you would be plenty happy. matt in texas, matt? >> hi, jim. boo-yah from austin. >> man, austin, we had such a great time when we were in austin, at u.t. it was fantastic. what's up? >> caller: hey, i'm a longtime shareholder of unh. despite, due to medicare, is a small book of business, which is down over 6%. do you think you have growth strategy, and in particular international expansion or enough to offset obamacare? >> no, no, these stocks open down and down big. you get this med
jobs are at stake. you can't be heartless about this. the discretionary part of the u.s. budgeet skewed toward military spending and even though the iraq war is over and afghanistan is winding down, the defense department has not turned its back. judging by what they plan on going after in order to do so, 800,000 civilian jobs instead of huge overhead of projects meant to fight the soviet union, japan and, germany, the defense department is going to scare congress. no matter that my old pal and partner, larry kudlow has a terrific piece on cnbc.com today, which points out the entire harm from the sequester this year might come to $44 million, and that's just a quarter of 1% of our gdp. my worries is that the fed will take notice and not do the wrong thing if we go over the sequestration cliff. we know the conclusion of the payroll tax holiday, and the rising gas prices are weighing on the consumer. do you think the fed saw this coming last month when things were rosier? is this when they bail on plans to help the economy and start hurting it? the fed chief is sticking by 6.5% unemployme
into the u.s. >> when i tell people how profitable you are, what i am looking at is the actual cost of what it takes for you to get it out of the well versus what you sell it and it is one of the biggest differentials i have ever seen. tell the people how much you are making per barrel. >> we can lease and drill the wells for about $20 to $22 per barre,l and then it costs about $8 a barrel in operating costs. there are several taxes that go into that and that probably adds up to $2 a barrel and you're up to $30 and we're selling it for $100. our margins are about $75 a barrel in the eagle ford. >> i know the analysts were all kind of concerned about your funding gap. this quarter seems to put to rest a lot of concerns i think about how stretched the balance sheet is. >> what we have done is this will be the third quarter where we have cut our cap ex down to a more sustainable level. we're still drilling and spending more than our cash flow, but we're not that far above it now, and we have an answer for how we'll fund that. we just feel like if we're drilling wells that have 80% rate of retu
tonight is u.s. airways. >> i've been waiting for a pullback. i've been waiting for a pullback on this because this group has gotten hot. you're getting the pullback, i'd pull the trigger. bill in arkansas, please, bill? >> caller: boo-yah from the land of opportunity, advance auto parts. >> okay. i like advanced auto parts and i would be a buyer of it. let's go to keith in georgia, please. keith? >> caller: hey, jim, a big low country savannah, georgia, boo-yah to ya. >> wow. what's up? >> caller: i've been looking at coach, do you think it's time to buy on the recent weakness? >> i can't tell you to sell it. it's down too much. maybe buy some and when the yield gets to three, buy the rest. let's use that as a strategy. let's go to fred in montana. fred? >> caller: hey, coach cramer. >> what's up? >> caller: how do we set a projection for zts or other ipos? we really thank you for your help. >> okay. thank you. this is a better ipo than most, the animal health spinoff of pfizer, another one i wanted to wait for a pullback, i'm not going to back away. i'd be a buyer of zoetis.
, u.s. bancorp, little exposure to weaken europe and very strong managements. citigroup, jpmorgan, morgan stanley with tremendous exposure to the continent. that's why at times i've had to dismiss the earnings per share gains entirely at the moment if the cohort was rally out of favor. but i never just forgot them. instead, i tried to figure out which ones can at times break the tug of the sector, the gravitational pull and which ones can really shine because if the sector falls back into favor, i've got to be ready. for example, ever since the market's gigantic bottom in 2009, we've seen many sectors of retail and individual stocks within those sectors outperform. i like to listen to the earnings calls of all the retailers. given times, i'm rapt by the groups doing the best. by far the top performers during this period have been the di discount stores. notably dollar general and dollar tree. when i see the markets money go to retail, i go back to my earnings report memory and reach for these two. because i know they have the most earnings momentum. i only know that because i keep
of the world seems to be falling apart and the u.s. looks pretty darn good by comparison, you need a stock that gives you domestic security. something that's entirely confined within our borders. because at those moments being exposed to the rest of the world is downright dangerous. what do i mean by domestic security? anything that's usa all the way. you can own a phone company like att or verizon. how about a electric utility like con ed or even the controversial duke? you can pick a region toll national restaurant chain like-like dunkin' brands or dollar store or dollar general. how bay real estate investment trust? something along the license of factory outlet. you've seen those companies over and over. why? because they've been winners. or you can own the i.y.r. i usually don't like etfs but it's a real estate investment trust, gives you exposure to the whole group. in terms of exposure to international turmoil this slot in your portfolio should be filled by something that's all domestic. and in times of domestic turmoil when the rest of the world is in much better shape, which is whe
Search Results 0 to 43 of about 44 (some duplicates have been removed)

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